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REAL ID: National ID Card Causes Concern.

“Welcome to California, Mrs. Smith! I need to see your Passport please.”

This is going to be the words that residents of several states will hear if they decide to travel outside of their homeland beginning May 12th of this year. The problem that these states have is with a little known law that was passed called the REAL ID ACT. So what is the REAL ID ACT?

The REAL ID Act is a national ID card scheme that was passed by Congress back in 2005. It turns driver’s licenses into national ID cards. There was no debate whatsoever on REAL ID as it was tacked onto a must-pass appropriations bill to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From the beginning, over 30 states had a problem with this legislation. Since it was passed, sixteen states have passed legislation rejecting REAL ID, making nation-wide implementation next to impossible. However, “This is not – contrary to what some people say – just the federal government big-footing itself on the states” According to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff at a Press Conference on January 11, 2008.

He also stated the following:

“Second, as I said, we are not building a large database for collecting additional information. What we are doing is using the existing network of databases, using information already held and collected by state agencies and by the federal government, to make sure that people cannot present phony identification by checking that identification against the original database.” – Did you notice he said “additional” – In other words, we already have your information what we want to do is dump it into a centralized system so that we can check on you anytime, anywhere, and for whatever reason.

“Is it somehow an invasion of privacy to require that when people present identification to come into a building or to get on an airplane that that identification be genuine and valid? Now I guess you could make the argument – and I know I certainly wouldn’t make it, and I doubt you’re going to find many Americans who would make it – but I guess you could make the argument that you should have the right to get on an airplane without telling anybody who you are, and that it’s wrong for us to be able to check a watch list to see whether Mohammed Atta, number two, is getting on an airplane. And if that’s your position, then you’re against all identification; you don’t want people to identify themselves in any circumstance. But as I say, I don’t think that makes sense, and I don’t think the American people [think that] makes sense.” – The words come ringing back to my head. “You are either with us or for the terrorist.” – There is no room for disagreement or debate with the Federal Government.

“And I’m prepared to defend this against criticism. I invite people, if they want – you know, if they want to raise privacy arguments or other arguments, send them in to us; we’ll put it on our website and I’ll answer them on our leadership blog, because I think the time for smothering this important 9/11 Commission recommendation with endless process and discussion is over.” – Mr. Cherrtof is not going to win any awards in diplomacy, but I can’t wait to send him my concerns so he can answer them in his condescending tone on his leadership blog.

Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke says without an extension, South Carolinians (Among the other states) would need a passport to enter a federal building or board a plane under normal screening after May 11. Do you not see, my dear readers, that America is just simply a shell of its former self?

Yours Personally,

Matt Sullivan  

P.S. Ironically this is an informative article from IRAN about our state issues and the possibility that Montana may receive sanctions. – http://www.tehrantimes.com/index_View.asp?code=164612 


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