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The Game Of Life

springbreak08.gif The Game of Life has always been my family’s favorite board game. This is where you scratch your head and mouth the words, “Board game?”  Yes, I did say it. You know the pre-pixel version where the whole family gathers around the table and interacts with fun, laughter, and a little friendly competition. It is old school, but this is what my family will be doing on our first night of spring break.

 In the real game called Life, my wife and I have had many conversations about our kids (we have three) and their lack of understanding about money. We set up our nine-year-old daughter and our seven-year-old boy with their own savings accounts. The four-year-old is still too young. We are not frivolous spenders when it comes to our kids, but they still do not have a grasp of where money comes from and that it is not an infinite commodity.

We are really trying to get creative with our family nights and turn them into masked-over learning experiences as opposed to just another movie night. The movie night is the easy and lazy way of technically having family night.

Monday night we are going to eat dinner together with every electrical device unplugged. Yes, even my laptop…does it have an off button? Our first order of business is for each family member to tell their favorite part about the day. If you start this you will find that kids are just mini adults and they have a tendency to be very negative about their day. My daughter wants to start out about the latest gossip in her 3rd grade class. We gently, yet firmly, steer the conversation to positive stuff. Because none of my kids want to actually hear about my latest exploits starting a social networking site, I usually end up making some kind of story about the king of Persia calling me on a secret mission.

After we clear the table we get out the game for the night. Just like real life the Game of Life has a lot of twists and turns. We are hoping to share with our kids the value of family over the desire for pure worldly possessions.

It should be interesting. I will let you know tomorrow how it went.

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