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Collection Companies up to their same old tricks


 I consider myself to be a person of mild character. I am laid back and do not let many things ruffle my feathers, but the call I received yesterday changed all of that.

A few months ago a very motivated couple signed up on our subscription based service. The wife had been a victim of identity theft by her own daughter which put them in a financial bind. They were excited to get stared because they realized they had several thousand dollars coming to them in the form of a tax refund. 

We began working on their credit file immediately and were able to get many items deleted off of their credit report just from the first round of disputes. Many of these items were not truly theirs but as a result of the fraud. There were several medical bills on the husband that we were able to have deleted due to the fact that his insurance was supposed to pay it.

the next step was for our clients to get a line of credit. You are going to hear me beat the drum on this one because without this piece of the puzzle it is almost impossible to rebuild your credit. Part of the rebuilding process is actually establishing good lines of credit. They applied for the Orchard Bank Card and they were approved for a secured line.

Two weeks ago they received a letter from one of the collection companies offering them a “Settlement for less than the full balance”. They were ecstatic because this was one of their big monkeys that they were hoping to pay off with the tax refund. It was the perfect amount and I confirmed it over the phone with the collector (who was not kind, even on a good day). They sent in the exact settlement amount by the agreed day. All is well, right?

Unfortunately, the story gets ridiculous. A few days later they receive a letter from the collection firm stating that they received their $1,200.00 payment, and now they owe $600.00. The alarmed couple called the collection company to alert them of this error, but were told that the “settlement amount” was simply applied to their bill and that the collection company would continue to collect the remaining amount, even though the couple had been supplied a settlement letter and had complied with all requests. After several phone calls and a nasty letter, they are still in the same boat.

Thankfully, our clients were able to get the settlement letter and proof of payment to us. Each and everyday the credit card collection industry does this as a regular way of doing business. This is their business practice. Their entire objective is to get you to pay them and they will do whatever it takes for that to happen. Even if it means breaking the law. Consumers need to know they have an advocate so their voices can be heard above the noise of collector harassment.

Originally posted on http://freecreditdusters.com/2008/03/18/sully-report-the-collections-rats-strike-again.aspx


FreeCreditDusters.com is LIVE!!!


Our team has been working on this site for over three months and we are proud to unveil it.

FreeCreditDusters.com is a complete resource for financial guidance and credit education. You can read more about what we do or even listen to our podcast. You can listen online or download it to your computer. We are very excited about this new tool and hope you enjoy it. Check it out!


 Matt Sullivan

Good things come to those who are proactive!


Today we received a phone call from one of our clients. Carla and her husband called to thank us for sending them to the credit watch service. They had signed up a few months ago, but had never checked her credit since then.She was surprised when she received an email from Trans Union alerting her that several new trade lines had been added to her credit report. Carla knew that she had not applied for anything. She logged onto to her True Credit services and saw that 3 new collections had been added from the same company.

The ironic part is that these were her husband’s medical bills and they had been added to her account. She had just spoken with the collection agency and set up payment arrangement to avoid it reporting on her account.  They had assured her that the collections accounts would not be reported to the credit bureau.

“Because I was signed up with the service it alerted me immediately that something was wrong on my credit. This allowed me to be an educated consumer and hold the collection agency accountable. If I had not had the service with True Credit I would have not known about these until I applied for a loan. By then it would have been too late.”

We are working with Carla to get those items removed permanently from her report. Carla did a great job and we were happy to hear from her. 

FCRA Series: Trans Union Vs. FTC

This is going to be a complicated post – I am finding out some shocking revelations about our friends in the credit industry. I am like a kid in the candy store. In any case, I wanted to kick off our fun with something that will give you a little flavor of what I am discovering. The credit industry just like any American business is about making money. The conumser however is the one that sometimes suffers. I speak with people everyday in my business that are having a hard time paying their mortgage/rent every month. So it is important to me that you understand why we are tackling this subject.

In 1992 the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) filed an administrative complaint alleging that Trans Union violated Sections 604 and 607(a) of the FCRA by “compil[ing], for sale to clients, lists of consumers, based in whole or in part on information contained in its consumer reporting database . . . . In English this means that the Federal Government felt that Trans Union was violating the law. The Government was not upset that Trans Union was selling our information to third parties (i.e. Credit Card companies). Typical buyers of this information are firms considering extending some kind of credit to the consumers about whom they inquire; they use Trans Union’s information to evaluate whether the consumers are good credit risks. This was all well within the law.

What the Government did see as a clear and alarming issue was the type of information that Trans Union was selling. 

In 1987 Trans Union diversified, launching a “target marketing” division. That division-first TransMark, now Trans Union Lists-uses data from Trans Union’s consumer reporting database, CRONUS, to create mailing lists. The lists are sold to companies wishing to send sweepstakes entries, catalogs, circulars, and other solicitations to classes of customers that they believe will be particularly responsive to their pitches.

So here was the crux of the problem. The “target marketing” gave the buyers of the list a decided advantage since they could specify what type of information they wanted. It was very powerful and profitable for the marketers and for Trans Union.

As part of its argument in the case, Trans Union contended that neither the FCRA nor the FTC Order demonstrated a substantial government interest in protecting consumers’ privacy and, therefore, violated Trans Union’s right to free speech under the First Amendment. “Contrary to the company’s assertions, we have no doubt that this interest – protecting the privacy of consumer credit information- is substantial,” the Court wrote.

Wow! Trans Union basically said that the Fair Credit Reporting Act did not, “demonstrated a substantial government interest in protecting consumers’ privacy”. What more do you say…there is so much more. See you tomorrow.

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Thanks Matt Sullivan, CEO of Credit Dusters.  “We are a valuable resource for credit education and financial education!”



If you have not checked your credit in awhile then you need to. You will receive all three credit bureaus with all three credit scores for the unbelievable price of $14.95. Check it out

The TRUTH about FCRA – a journey to understanding your rights!

Would you like to really know what the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) really says?  We will tackle Such Questions As:

How long does a derogatory item stay on the credit?

What are your rights as a consumer?

Can I really sue a collection agency or the credit agencies?

What are my rights if I have been a victim of identity theft?

How can collection agencies pull my credit? – (This has just recently changed a little due to a law suit – You are going to want to stay tune for this one!)

This is good stuff! I am not talking about what you have read in bits and pieces from the news or other sources, but the TRUTH.

I am not sure what you know about the FCRA, but I can tell you what you think you know is probably wrong. So we are going to take awhile and review the document that supposedly protects us as consumers. I will also interject comments and landmark cases that either helped to define the FCRA or changed it. As you may know, our judicial branch has so much power now that they mold and shape the law.

We are about to embark on a fascinating journey – will you join me? It starts tomorrow.

You will probably want to join our feed so you will be updated when there are changes: http://feeds.feedburner.com/wordpress/xqWu

Zombie Debt: Coming now to a Credit Report near you!

Zombie   Did you ever see Night of the Living Dead when you were a kid? I am not talking about the new one – I am talking about the original. The 1968 George A. Romero’s cult classic. It is black and white with ketchup laden cannibals. It has no plot and it lacks rhyme or reason , yet it terrifies me to this day.

Speaking of cannibals and having no rhyme or reason – we are going to discuss collection agencies (The carcass feeders) and their business practices (the lack of reason).  Look, I understand that if I do not pay a bill then it should go to collections, but at what point am I still tracked down for the demons of my past.

However, collecting on old debts is a rapidly expanding industry. This year a whopping $110 billion of such debt is expected to be sold to collection agencies, up from virtually nothing 10 years ago. Aggressive companies can buy charged-off credit card accounts from the original lenders for pennies on the dollar or less. Then, they use credit-scoring and other new technologies to identify which debtors are most likely to pay.

The players in this “junk debt” market range from fly-by-night outfits to well-established companies funded by Wall Street investors.  Many credit card companies have started selling delinquent accounts to collectors to boost quarterly earnings, according to a report by Kaulkin Ginsberg, a Rockville, Md.-based adviser on debt collection.

On face value, companies can make a profit if they can get debtors to repay even a tiny fraction. Along the way, some collectors realized they also could squeeze money from people who didn’t even owe it. Some consumers pay because their finances are so disorganized they don’t realize the debt isn’t theirs. Others are coerced into paying by illegal threats of lawsuits or ruined credit.

The consumer does have some protection: Six years after a debt goes into default, the collector no longer can sue to collect. And after seven years, the debt can’t be shown on a consumer’s credit report.


However, efforts to collect old debt are legal, as long as the collector doesn’t threaten to sue or report the debt to a credit agency.  


The best thing you can do is to keep an eye on your credit by joining a credit watch service.  We recommend using True Credit they are a great service that provides a complete credit report with all three bureaus and scores for $14.95.

What To Do When Your Income Drops – Part II

One of the beautiful caveats to being broke is that it makes you creative. The painful jolt of your dire situation makes you feel so alive. You are aware that something has to change. You can’t pretend a money fairy is going to come and sprinkle gold dust on you. If things are going to be different then YOU are the only one that can do something about your situation. Its all you!

I worked a full time job and delivered pizza six nights a week for six months. Was it hell? Absolutely! But it kept me from losing my house which was already in Foreclosure.

We as American consumers are so lazy. I coach people that are going through hard times everyday and the moment I mention a second job the excuses begin before I finish.  

“I can’t work a second job we only have one car!”

“It would not be worth it for me to do something like that. I can’t be away from my kids.”

“I have an allergic reaction to work.”

Obviously there is no cure for laziness. The good news is that if you are even a little motivated there are literally millions of opportunities to make money quickly. (No, I am not talking about your brother-in-law who sells health supplements!) 

Pizza Delivery – As I mentioned before this was a great way to make good, cash money. You literally get paid each night you work. It was great for Laura and me because we were able to buy groceries. Plus we ate free pizza.

EBay – There are online resources on how to make money selling on EBay. You can also use the library us a source of information. To get started all you need is a computer, high speed access, a camera (preferably digital), and a lot of “junk” around the house. My wife sold thousands of dollars in kid’s clothes while we were going through our crises.

Soon – More Income Generating Ideas!